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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Tooth Aches and Anime Conventions

The right side of my jaw kinda hurts. By that I mean the teeth on that side seem unreasonably sensitive at the moment. It's not actually something new so sorry to worry you.

But I have a story about Monday.

Even though it's Wednesday.

Monday was strange. I woke up at 10AM which is already wierd considering it's summer. But I had to bounce over to my friend Brock's house early before work at one. We were going to discuss what was going on RE: Ramencon. Ramencon is an anime convention held for the first time this year in Indiana ( Brock has a whole posse going to this thing. But, as the fates would have it, they needed a 21-year old to reserve the hotel room(s). He had called me up at the stroke of midnight and spoke in hushed secrecy about a proposition for me to be that 21-year old. I mulled it over, and I decided that this would be neat. So Monday morning I went to his place to confirm the plan. Then we decided that I should just call for the hotel rooms right away. I did. And the fates were once again cruel, for we were then informed that the rules were that we also needed a 21-year old per room. We needed three rooms, so we now need two more living persons of U.S. drinking age. Kind of a bummer. But come hell or high water it seems we're bent on this happening.

On that note, about 75% of my friend's friends are going in costume (in some cases several). So I though about it, and I had always kinda fed the notion of cosplaying as something simple and not overly hideous. So I found a way to bullshit two characters easily.
I decided to go as these two guys from the PS2 role-playing game, Persona 3.
Junpei Iori, and
the nameless protagonist. Basically it's the same costume with two or three swaps.

Like you care.

Then I had a long shift at work, and then I came home to just chill. Now my best friend since 5th grade Aaron decided to stop by with some beer. I tried it, like I always do when a newly shaped and colored booze container is thrust in my direction. I don't think I've ever fully enjoyed any of those beers. The difference between beers is as minute and insignificant as the difference between Coke and Pepsi. Which is moot because I hate cola of any kind.

Then, after driving to a rad/empty except for a box fort condo inhabited by my buddy Zack and three ladies that I don't but should know better, we saw a late showing of Harry Potter and the Last Movie Part 2. It was good, but needs to be seen back to back with part 1 to fully enjoy it I think.

Then bed at 6 in the morning.

And that was my Monday.

[/long-ass post]

Talking to myself again, 'bout all the things I should have said.

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's 10:37 and I'm Listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit

It just came on on iTunes. I feel like an 8th grader again. My musical interests have evolved from swearing that Nirvana's Nevermind was the be all end all of music (it was, considering that's all I owned at the time). But I maintain that Lounge Act is one of my all time favorite songs. Blah musical tastes.

Anywho, I basically wanted to blog about something. This is me. As opposed to the nerdiness/collectors blog I also plan on spawning and releasing on the webs. I'll talk about whatever I want, whenever I want, and other-evers I want.

Oh and the song finally ends.

Spent a little time trying to write something else here, but it usually got deeply confusing or hugely self-deprecating. I even spent ten seconds looking up if that is actually how to spell "self-deprecating".

It was.

And with the four-second delayed bassline to my favorite Nirvana song, I take my leave of this filthy text box.